differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs?

Old times when there were no golf clubs made for women are long gone. Most companies have realized the untapped women golfers’ market and quickly decided to start producing golf clubs for women. Even though women were not as interested in golf then as they are now, looks like it was a good move and almost all companies started selling golf clubs for women. Yes, women’s golf clubs quality wasn’t great back then, but compared to nothing, it was still okay. The golf club designs started improving slowly, and now, in 2017, we have one of the best womens golf clubs such as Callaway solaire gems on market.

And if they did sell womens golf clubs before, it was usually very primitive golf clubs painted in pink color, which was supposed to be used by ladies. Let’s agree, it was ridiculous, but truth be told, many women golfers still prefer pink color on their golf clubs now.

But those times are long gone and will never come back. Number of women getting into golf hasn’t stopped increasing ever since, and probably won’t stop for a long time. Which makes women’s golf gear very attractive market, even for top notch golf club manufacturers like Callaway. Biggest golf brands are competing for piece of it, and it’s good because competition usually leads to reduced prices and increased quality of clubs in the future.

What Are differences in design between men’s and women’s clubs?

Golf club manufacturers usually tend to overlook the fact that not all women are shorter than men, and based on that assumption, they make women’s golf clubs one inch shorter than mens.  Which is supposed to make our golf swing better, and overall experience easier for us, but that’s not always the case. It kind of sucks for us, tall women, who still have to use golf clubs that are made for men. But don’t worry, there are some golf clubs for tall women.

Plus, they make shafts more flexible, which is based on another stereotype that women are not as good in golf as men. Which is partially true for most women, but not all, which is kind of unfair.

But if you are far from average female golfer…

If you don’t fit these stereotypes golf club manufacturers base their designs on, you are not out of luck. There are basically two things you can do – either buy men’s golf clubs, or browse women’s golf clubs and find the ones that are made for tall women, which is kind of rare.

If soft flex is also an issue for you, it’s good because i remember seeing women’s golf clubs on amazon with an option to choose between stiff and loose flex.

But if you are a woman of average height and just starting to get into golf, these club sets by Callaway and TaylorMade are definitely a viable option.

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