Which US president had spent the most time playing golf?

Barak has performed with much more golf than Bush did. Additional answerers, to be able to somehow create Barak seem great, transformed the topic to vacation times, since they’re checking constantly Bush invested at his farm as holiday, that will be simply shady but their reviews are extremely deceptive. His farm was used by Bush like an Developed Whitehouse, & most of times he invested there he wasn’t on holiday whatsoever. He was operating from home, just like lots of people do, and just like he did in DC in the Whitehouse. Holiday times are times used mainly with just the minimal function place in just because a leader usually has items that need to be done at this time, on discretion.
He’s and 300 models performed to date and Bush performed about 24 since his period in-office was overwhelmed by 9/11, and mostly since an excellent player is wasn’ted by Bush and just how his conduct was obtained at every change.

But for this, Bush composed in terms of holiday times, by December 2015. CBS Media noted the quantity of holiday days Leader Obama has had because the start of his presidency endured at 161 times December. Should you include the 28 days of holiday this season he’s obtained his whole involves 189 times.

Bush, required 879 times including 77 excursions to his Arizona farm, of holiday based on a study From The Washington Post. “No modern leader got less holiday than Jimmy Carter (79 times), while Ronald Reagan used 335 days at his favorite California ranch.”

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