how many golf clubs are in regular women’s club set

Number of golf clubs in woman’s golf club set depends on the product, but generally it ranges from 7 to 13. Affordable club sets usually have from 7 to 9 golf clubs in them, which is usually enough if you’re just starting out. But if you are an experienced golfer, you might want to look into higher end women’s golf club sets, because you won’t be able to deliver great results with cheap golf clubs. Because of their low price, these affordable club sets are pretty popular, and they are actually pretty good for some occasions, but i would strongly advise against buying them, unless you are a beginner. The materials these clubs are made of are cheap and therefore weight balancing is way off. Golf bags that come with those sets are usually pretty cheap as well, and tear very easily. Golf clubs themselves are more durable and last at least couple of years, but as i said before, the manufacturers usually compromise a lot with quality. The cheap sets i’m talking about are the ones made by Wilson and Strata, which is another name for Callaway. Of course, there are plenty of high end women’s golf club sets on market, and most of them are quite good even for professional level. One i like the most is Solaire Gems 13 piece set. It is basically best women’s golf clubs bundled together in one set, and its quality is as high as the price. Some people would rather pay one hundred bucks for pack of golf clubs that will barely last, but that’s just not me. I like to invest in quality and i know that i can’t afford to buy cheap, crappy golf clubs which i’ll have to replace very soon.solaire 13 piece set

Reading customer reviews is quite important. I discovered lots of flaws in different women’s golf clubs over the years, all thanks to customers who’ve warned me in amazon customer reviews. I like to shop on Amazon solely for this purpose. Well their prices on golf clubs are okay, but i bet i can find ladies’ golf clubs for slightly cheaper prices if i look for it hard enough.

But let’s get back to the question – how much golf clubs are there in women’s golf club sets? Depends, for example, Callaway Strata sells 3 golf club sets for women, all of them have different numbers of golf clubs. The more golf clubs the sets have, the more expensive they are.

As far as i remember, Callaway’s cheap golf club sets have 12, 14 and 16 pieces in them, but don’t be fooled by advertised number – not all of them are golf clubs. I think the smallest one has 9 clubs, while the largest has somewhere around 13 to 14. The Callaway Solaire club set, which i think is best set of golf clubs for women, has 13 clubs, which is all you will ever need. They updated golf bag design as well, which is interesting for me as i have the previous design version. Even price has reduced, i am actually quite sad that i’m not searching for best womens golf clubs right now. Although, i’m happy with my current set of golf clubs and not planning to replace them any time soon.

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