How to improve your golf chops without lessons

Golf lessons take a lot of time and resources from you. Unless you have a good reason to believe that instructor is qualified to teach golf, their usefulness is under doubt as well. You never certainly know that improvement in your golf game was because of the lessons you took. It might have been due to all the time you spent on the golf course, hitting the ball. On top of that, the experience of taking golf lessons was not so pleasant for me. There was constant watching of my golf swing replays, looking for mistakes. In general, I think that when it comes to hitting golf ball with a club, there are a lot of problems that are blown out of proportion. I took golf lessons myself, and I’m not advocating avoiding golf instructors altogether. I just think that there is a point when you can no longer benefit from golf lessons and instead, you are better off working on your golf game yourself. That’s why I decided to share my tips.

I have found that practicing golf on your own can be just as effective as going to golf lessons, if not more so. Doing it yourself also means that you save a lot of money. Money that you can spend on other useful golf gear that will enhance the golfing experience you have on the course.

If you’re complete beginner and don’t have a set yet, then my advice would be to get one. My second advice would be to get something under five hundred dollars. Spending a fortune on your first set of clubs is never a good idea. The fact is, even if that set suits you right now, within a year, you’ll have outgrown that set. In my opinion, the best set for beginner golfers is callaway strata ultimate. It has all the qualities that beginners look for, it is durable and it is cheap. Even if you never get to become experienced and skillful golfer, these golf club sets will serve you well into the future. Not to mention the fact that you aren’t just getting a golf club set, you are also getting golf bag and headcovers. My fascination with this set is beyond the topic of our current article, so check out this callaway men’s strata review instead.

Just remember this: don’t fall into the trap of golf club manufacturers by believing that you can buy better results in golf. You can’t. If you don’t have skill at some level, those expensive golf clubs can’t fix any of your problems. There are guys on entirely other spectrum of this. They don’t want to spare any money for golf clubs, even if it’s couple of hundred dollars. I’m sorry but golf equipment changes very fast. If you want to be relevant, you have to play golf clubs that have been made in recent decade, not your father’s 30 year old golf clubs.

The way I see it, going out on the golf course and learning how to take a shot by doing it is not as beneficial when you’re doing it alone. Having someone experienced next to you can be extremely useful. I think it’s because of the little tips that get shared along the way. Also, if you’re doing something wrong, it is easier for third party to notice it and tell you about it.  That’s why I believe that golfing in company of friends is much more beneficial to your improvement than going at it alone.

The golf balls you play are important as well. You shouldn’t play golf balls that are made for expert golfers because you don’t have the skills to utilize all the advantages that those balls have to offer. Not to mention the fact that those balls are usually super expensive. In the beginning, I think it’s best to keep your golf routine simple and not cloud your head with the minutiae.

You should pay a lot of attention to putts and iron shots. Those are the most important to master, so practice hitting those balls as much as you can. Putting is especially important if you want to have good result in golf. Being good at putting can save you a lot of times and being terrible at it will ruin your overall score for sure. Putting may not be as exciting as striking the ball with a driver, but it is the most important shot. if you want to improve your golf performance, you have to do it a lot to master putting.


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