how to get better at golf

Playing golf well is something that everyone wants. Especially those who are really competitive and want to thrive at everything they do. Some people think buying expensive golf clubs will make them better, when in fact, it most certainly doesn’t. And it’s really not necessary to get unnecessary golf gadgets for your kids. In fact, best golf clubs for kids are the ones that they practice with. But there is a way to get better at golf – by practicing. Endless practice is how most famous golfers like Tiger Woods became who they are. Sure, they might be talented, but so are you. There is no talent that famous golfers have that you don’t. Whether you become awesome golfer or not totally depends on how badly you want it. But first, prepare yourself for lots of work and practice.  But if you want to become great — or heck, just darned good — it will take more than practice.

Simply practice won’t be enough though. For most golfers, playing golf all day is more like leisure than practice. You’ll need to go further than your comfort zone and practice deliberately.

It doesn’t really depend on who you are, and how old you are. Women, kids or seniors, as well as men can succeed at golf all the same. Me, for instance, i am a man in his mid fifties with handicap of 15. I spend most of my days at the office, working, answering and making calls. But when it comes to hobbies, i always spend my free time golfing. I’ve never been serious about mastering golf until now, and started looking for best ways to practice and get better at golf. First, i had tried to take golf lessons, but miserably failed. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to improve my golfing skills at first. Spoiler alert- it’s really hard and takes a lot of practice. First, just like any exercise, i was extremely lazy and didn’t want to go to golf course to practice. But after being lazy for 6 weeks, i realized that i had no improvements to show, so decided to change my golfing schedule dramatically and master this thing, no matter how much work it would take.

If you are in same situation as i was, don’t blame yourself for not killing it at golf right away. And don’t try to talk yourself into giving up, just because you think you are talentless and you can’t make it work. Both of those things are lies you tell yourself to stay in your comfort zone and not do anything challenging.

I’ve read somewhere that it takes 6 months to master a skill. I think that is less than half, compared to what it took me to release my inner golf monster and beat everyone i knew. But you can’t be doing it part time, or not putting your whole efforts into this. It’s not going to work that way. Getting better at golf is something that can be done only if you want it badly and deliberate practice. Not by being lazy.

Before taking this crazy ride, i always thought of myself as mediocre golfer, who could not come close to my peers who were much better at golf. It turns i couldn’t be more wrong, because now they are not even a match for me, and i achieved all this by practicing A LOT. Keep in mind that in order to improve your golf skills, you need both – physical and mental strength.

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