Golf Clubs for Tall Players

When they ask me, why do you love Golf that much, my answer is always short – because it can be played by everyone. You can’t tell me many sports where game can be played equally well by thick and fit, tall and short. But sometimes it can be problem for some golfers not to have right length or weight clubs. Today we will try to help tall golf lovers to buy appropriate golf clubs for their height.

The most common opinion what I heard about tall players golf clubs is that they need golf clubs that suit them perfectly. This is not true.  You don’t just need to get fitted to your clubs because of your height unless you’re a mid- or low-handicapped golfer with much $ to spend on different clubs.

If you think that you need longer golf clubs, the advice what we can give you Is that not to buy sets which are already lengthened. We recommend to buy standard golf clubs set, then try them out and then decide, if you are uncomfortable with them, then consider to get them lengthened. Why? because it is a stereotype that tall guys can’t play with standard clubs, try them out you may feel comfortable with standard-sized clubs.

Pre-lengthened clubs are usually junk brands that are not good. Brands know that many tall golfers are searching lengthened clubs and they are doing their best to sell their terrible quality clubs.

Longer clubs you use harder it is to hit. Long clubs are inaccurate, when your hand is too far from club head, it is truly hard to hit the ball correctly. That’s why many pros prefer shorter clubs, ball should be in the zone of their control.

Some clubs can handle a selection of WIDE players between 5.5 and 6.5 feet plus. Tall guys, generally, have long arms. So their hands on the club is almost on the same height from ground as short guys with shorter hands. So we again recommend to buy regular-sized clubs and try them out and then decide what to do. Also already lengthened clubs are often overpriced and you may pay too much. If you will buy standard one and then lengthen them, you can save money, that’s true.

We have some really useful golf club sets for you. Especially If you are beginner golfer, this is for you. They are not expensive and have good quality, to say in short-we highly recommend them. Club sets are really good deal if you have small budget. Some of the mens tall golf club sets are worth looking at if you are looking for new clubs.

Wilson Ultra Complete Set is our first advice for tall players who want to buy comfortable clubs in cheap price. My N1 recommendation always it to buy clubs with famous brands, which is highly recommended by professionals. Wilson is one of them, cheap with high quality, what can be better.  This set includes everything you need to play golf and improve your game. If you consider lengthening clubs, I recommend the same to buy. Wilson clubs won’t cost too much to lengthen.

If you are looking high value, Callaway Strata is our first recommendation. Callaway produces high quality golf clubs and have huge discounts. Callaway will be best choice for beginner golfers, who want to start learning with right clubs. Also we recommend Callaway Strata for tall golfers, who want buy cheaper set and then lengthen it.

Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is perfect choice for beginners. In this complete set you will get a good range of clubs, which are designed well and is very useful for both high and low handicappers.

And The last set recommendation what we can give you for today is Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set. Pinemeadow a well known and popular brand, which produces high quality golf equipment and sells it in affordable price. Although this package is a little more basic, it concludes everything any golfer needs. Pinemeadow set will be a great acquisition for beginners who wants to improve many aspects of game and also for intermediate golfers who want to upgrade old clubs. It provides essential clubs at affordable price and, if necessary, can always extend the shafts. This golf set will be perfect choice for tall golfers, who want to play with comfortable clubs.

Maybe we gave taller golfers more clarity. to conclude, often for tall golfers, it is not necessary to pay too much money in buying longer clubs. But if you do, we recommend to buy standard set, try clubs out and then consider lengthening them. This will save your money and also higher chance it is to find a game comfortable.

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