Choosing proper clubs for elder golfers

Golf is particularly popular with senior golfers, and i think i know why. Golf is the kind of sport that kind of mimics the way you start thinking as you get older and gain more experience. You take time to weigh your decision, yet in the moment, you have to be precise and calculated. At least that’s how i see and explain it. Either way, getting the right golf clubs is crucial predicament of success in golf, especially if you are a senior. That’s why i decided to write this guide – to help confused older golfers in the task of getting best golf clubs for themselves. 

Golf clubs made specifically for seniors is relatively new development. In the past few decades, golf club manufacturers realized how many elder players were starting to get into golf and they decided to make golf clubs specifically designed for them. Seniors’ clubs are different from regular clubs in few ways. These differences are reflected from the transition that body experiences as it gets older. First and foremost, the biggest difference between regular and seniors’ golf clubs, is the flex. Flex usually refers to shaft flexibility, which is major deciding factor and something that you should take into account. Senior golfers usually have slower swing speed compared to the young players, so senior flex, which is more flexible than the normal, is one way to even out this difference between the two. 

Other than that, the usual stuff – large clubface, forgiveness, etc – is also extremely useful for seniors as well. When it comes to flex though, some seniors need it more than others. So, you might consider yourself to be a senior, but might not need it. If you’re buying golf club set for the first time, i would visit the store and check out the golf clubs there. 

A lot of senior players love to use hybrid golf clubs. In fact, popular choice of senior golfers is All-hybrid set sold by Majek on Amazon. I have used those hybrids myself and can attest to their quality. In general, i do think that club sets are a much better deal than buying golf clubs individually. To collect a seniors’ golf club set that way will cost you a lot, maybe upwards of thousands of dollars. Club sets, on the other hand, will cost you five hundred dollars at most. You can probably see the massive savings that you can get just by buying set of clubs instead of purchasing them one by one.

I think i heard that new seniors’ club sets released by Wilson are amazing. I don’t know for sure, because i haven’t tried those clubs out myself, but people who gave it a good feedback are trustworthy, so i guess that word is worth spreading. Other than that, i can’t think of any particular club sets to recommend. If you’re looking fore recommendations, this guide might be helpful.

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